News: Julie Pilat talk on December 11, 2019, 7PM Eastern. Become a YING Member or buy a ticket to attend!

About YING

Across race, gender identity and class, YING is a peer-to-peer and org-to-org skill sharing platform that builds real social and cultural capital. Re-imagining the world of connections, human capacity, and our true sense of abundance.

Members will receive a private invitation to participate in on-line community gatherings co-hosted by global influencers building intersectional “sociocultural” movements around business, activism, entertainment, the arts, and civic discourse.

Paid Monthly and Annual Member’s – Only Events Featuring…

The Exchange

Weekly Webinars

YING global members will have a chance to highlight unique “skills” they’d like to offer to our community via a zoom webinar. All services are offered in exchange for TIME CREDITS. These credits are spent to receive services throughout the global community. TIME is the one asset that is the same for all of us.

The Intersection

bi monthly webinar

YING’s “light-bulb” on-line community gatherings will offer unrivaled access to leading movement builders, (Artists, CEO’s, Activists, and Appointed Officials) focused on leveraging diverse social and cultural capital to drive impact, deeper connections, and results….JOIN US today and be inspired!

Our members skills include:

Navigating Drones

Blockchain 101

Augmented Reality

Dog Training 101

Transforming your Credit Score


Disaster Preparation and Relief

Instagram for Business

Dr. Sebi’s Health regiment

Turning Vegan

Urban Agriculture

Community Land Trusts

Building a culture of Intersectionality

Making it in Hollywood

Aging Parents



and more!

Convening Community

Our First Featured guest  – December 11th 7pm EST

The INTERSECTION will feature….

Julie Pilat Music and Entertainment executive- Grammy Board member


Included with your Membership.

Join us today!

FUTURE speakers will include….

Iqram Magdon-Ismail
CEO of ENSE and Co-founder of Venmo

Lyonzo Vargas
CEO and Founder GLBL VLLG

Teneshia Carr
Editor and Founder of BLANC Magazine

Will Toms
Co-Founder of REC Philly

Michael Farber
Co-Founder of Breakout

Singer and Artist


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As mentioned here

We believe in the richness of reliability and trust; in the elegance of the helping hand. At YING, your self worth will
always come before your net worth.

What are Time Credits™?

Unlike other banks, YING manages and distributes Time Credits™– a 30 year, IRS-validated form of currency that has unlimited earning potential for all. It’s not new, but has the potential to elevate how we see work and money.

Over 2,000,000 Exchanges & Growing in the TimeBanking Movement

Time Credits™ are used in over 38 countries and in over 400 locations in the US alone.

1 hour of service ALWAYS equals 1 Time Credit™.