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Across race, gender identity and class, YING is a peer-to-peer and org-to-org skill sharing platform that builds real social and cultural capital. Re-imagining the world of connections, human capacity, and our true sense of abundance.

Members will receive a private invitation to participate in on-line community gatherings co-hosted by global influencers building intersectional “sociocultural” movements around business, activism, entertainment, the arts, and civic discourse.

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The Exchange

Weekly Webinars

YING global village members will have a chance to highlight unique “skills” they’d like to offer to our community via a cloud village gathering. All services are offered in exchange for TIME CREDITS. These credits are spent to receive services throughout the global community. TIME is the one asset that is the same for all of us. Examples of the skills that will be shared are below.

The Intersection

bi Weekly Webinar

YING’s  global “cloud” aka online village gatherings.  The INTERSECTION: where we meet and decide which direction to go in together. Cultural Influencers (Artists, CEO’s, Activists, and Appointed Officials) from all over the world will come to discuss how they’re working to make the world a better place for themselves and others, most importantly opening up a more vulnerable aspect of who they are and building a sense of tribe with our global skill sharing members.


Our members skills include:

Navigating Drones

Blockchain 101

Augmented Reality

Dog Training 101

Transforming your Credit Score


Disaster Preparation and Relief

Instagram for Business

Dr. Sebi’s Health regiment

Turning Vegan

Urban Agriculture

Community Land Trusts

Building a culture of Intersectionality

Making it in Hollywood

Aging Parents



and more!

Convening Community

  Coming in April



Check out KENJI SUMMERS- Coming this April


Summers started his career in the advertising industry with a deep understanding of the roadblocks and opportunities facing aspiring marketers from marginalized backgrounds. In 2008, he and Lincoln Stephens co-founded the acclaimed Marcus Graham Project, an initiative most noted for its iCR8 Bootcamp, an annual initiative where young professionals launch their own marketing agency in Dallas, Texas and work with non-profits, large corporations and startups.

By 2011, Summers found inspiration for his next venture from a Pharrell verse in Lupe Fiasco’s “Paris, Tokyo” remix and launched Passport Life (fka Passport Project). In an effort to enable international travel for underresourced American youth, Passport Life helped facilitate trips for many young Americans, notably youth poet laureate Ish Islam and Bryan Blue, an internationally-heralded fine artist who most recently designed a highligh sought after sneaker with NIKE’s Jordan Brand. The initiative brought accolades to Kenji such as becoming the
inaugural recipient of Aspen Ideas Festival’s Davis Fellowship in 2015.

In recent years, Summers held roles with Summit, a mountain-based social impact accelerator in Utah; and at Nike, where he helped lead a renaissance of basketball in NYC across youth and high school basketball culture. He helped launch campaigns and footwear for Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. Through his tenure at Nike, he was introduced to rising baller-turned-rapper Sheck Wes (“Mo Bamba”) and has led the musician’s creative
development. The two locked down a deal for the artist with Interscope Records, as well as collaborations between Sheck, Nike Basketball and Foot Locker. In late 2019, the pair released “Mo Bamba”, that skyrocketed to #6 on the Billboard Hot 100 songs chart, certified 3x Platinum.

Now, as founder and principal of Future Current, Summers has combined his philosophy of “future thinking, current action” to guide brands towards their destiny — one that exists between collision and compassion. He also runs the Free Peace, an objects & garments brand built off of peaceful living. Recently, he held a lecture at The New School: Parson’s School of Design with Randall “Sickamore” Medford, explaining Future Current’s proprietary brand architecture
framework and model.

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FUTURE speakers will include….

Iqram Magdon-Ismail
CEO of ENSE and Co-founder of Venmo

Lyonzo Vargas
CEO and Founder GLBL VLLG

Teneshia Carr
Editor and Founder of BLANC Magazine

Will Toms
Co-Founder of REC Philly

Michael Farber
Co-Founder of Breakout

Singer and Artist


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We believe in the richness of reliability and trust; in the elegance of the helping hand. At YING, your self worth will
always come before your net worth.

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Unlike other banks, YING manages and distributes Time Credits™– a 30 year, IRS-validated form of currency that has unlimited earning potential for all. It’s not new, but has the potential to elevate how we see work and money.

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