How It Works

Earn & Spend Time Credits™.

YING enables you to introduce the concept of skill-sharing within your organization or community. It’s simple!

Whether your organization facilitates volunteerism, participates in a group activity, or you want to support helping your friend/colleague move? That time is worth Time Credits™. Members bank time helping each other and then can spend the earned credits with others in the community for business resources, help at home, or any other task you may need.

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1. Activate Your Group Account

Once your Group is accepted onto the YING platform – Your organization will receive a private 6 digit referral code to access the YING platform from the App/Play Store

Pre-Made Accounts

All YING members will automatically have access to the YING app.

Rock-Solid Security

Accounts are secured with 128-bit encryption to ensure safety of your info.