Hosted by Karla Ballard – CEO & Founder YING

Episode 5

It Really Does Take A Village with Leonzo Vargas

In this episode, Karla Ballard, CEO of YING, Talks with Host, Experience Curator, and Founder of GLBLVLLG (@glblvllg), now Leonzo Vargas. Broadcasting from Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, they had a chance to speak on the important role our roots are in how we frame what community is or isn’t. A look into the real currency that truly matters.

Episode 4

A Mental Check-In for Community

Karla Ballard sits down with Kathryn Ames MA, NCC for an authentic discussion and recommendations on what we can begin to do with ourselves and our internal work teams as we prepare for reintegration back to the new normal.

Episode 3

Indigenous Economics

Karla Ballard sits down with Payu Harris to discuss the influence of indigenous culture, the development of MazaCoin and how it differs from Fiat currency, and how the worth of a new crypto currency evolves. Payu Harris is the founder and creator of the crypto currency MazaCoin, a financial service entity for the Native American community.

Episode 2

Borderless Business

Karla Ballard sits down with Christopher Plant to discuss how the community is defined, resilience during the pandemic, and expanding the definition of capitalism. Christopher owns the real estate practice Move To Philly, the co-working space KISMET, and the podcast network RADIOKISMET. Learn more about him on his companies website

Episode 1

Cultural Residency

On the series premiere of Currency For Humankind, host Karla Ballard is joined by Dr. Paul Campbell to discuss the influence of relationships in community capital, an economy-based contribution, and overcoming fear and biases. Dr. Campbell is a partner at Brown Venture Group and has executive experience at Oracle, Sprint, and AT&T. You can learn more about Dr. Campbell at Brown Venture Group’s website