What are Time Credits™?

Time Credits™ are a form of currency. Give one hour of service to another, and receive one Time Credit.

Different From Traditional Banking

We all need a little help sometimes. Our communities are no different, and this is where Time Credits™ come in. Give an hour of your time to serve someone in the YING community and you will earn and bank a Time Credit™ to spend on a service you want. Everyone’s time is worth the same. There’s no limit to how many Time Credits™ you can earn, and the more you earn the more you can spend. The best part is each exchange results in true social impact..

A Truly Universal Currency

Time Credits™ never expire and they don’t cost any money. There are lots of ways to earn Time Credits across your community, and hundreds of ways to spend them across the country. You can earn and spend in a way that suits you. Why? Because everyone has something to give, and ultimately – time together makes all the difference.

Meet The Inventor of
Time Credits™

Time Credits™ were established in 1986 by Edgar Cahn, PHD, a prominent lawyer, economist and former speechwriter for
Robert F. Kennedy.

Learn why he endorses YING below.


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